Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back to South Bend

We are leaving for Chicago/South Bend tomorrow....short week=short blog.

Thoughts on UofA Game

  • I have never seen a college football team with so many injuries...losing Baker, Malualuga and Heberer was just unbelievable. T2 and Kyle Moore were also dinged on the last drive

  • The Trojans have Butch Lewis, a third string left tackle who did not practice during the week because he was in an ankle boot, protecting the blind side of a second string QB

  • Throw in Tiny Malu (3rd string) playing right guard with a hamstring issue and a second string center with torn triceps and you have a ridiculous MASH unit

  • Having said that, I was very impressed how the Trojans just fought and won the game. This game VERY EASILY could have gone the other way, but the Trojans handled the adversity and pulled through...this was a huge win for the program....something to be proud of!

  • Joe McKnight completely changed this game...not only by making big plays but by injecting big time enthusiasm into the crowd and the team. Joe showed he can change a game...I think Coach Carroll learned that it is time to let the playmakers play

  • Sanchez made a couple of great plays with his feet and really only made 1 big mistake (terrible interception...the other interception was a pretty good throw). With the OL issues the Trojans have, Sanchez adds a needed dimension of escapability

  • Turner and Vidal looked solid. I hope PT can get back on track

  • The defense played outstanding....very impressive. Shut down the run and really clamped down on the passing game in the 4th quarter. Trojans are playing less soft cover 2 and mixing up the coverages really made a difference in this game

Thoughts on the Irish

  • Obviously the Irish are 1-6 this year and have been struggling. However, ND has played much better the last 3 games

  • With Sharpley at QB, the Irish do have the ability to make plays in the passing game. Sharpley has played much better than Clausen, but he has shown a propensity to throw into coverage

  • The Irish have really struggled to run the ball....I think the Trojans will shut down the running game and force ND to win it through the air

  • The weakness for ND has been the OL...the question is whether SC will aggressively go after the QB. I think we will see a very similar defensive gameplan as last week....while the Trojans only registered one sack, Tuitama was under pressure often

  • It sounds like Booty has a decent chance to start...probably wont know until Thursday afternoon. This will have a big impact on the offensive plan

  • It appears that Stafon Johnson will be ready to play...he is a difference maker

  • The Trojans will likely play more aggressive on offense...I don't think they want to let ND hang around at home

  • This game will be decided by turnovers and special teams...if the Trojans win both of these, it should be a victory
  • I expect another close game, but hopefully the Trojans can pull it out. lets hope big #66 can play this week.

See you in South Bend and Chicago

Fight On!


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