Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Trojans Take Route 66 to Pasadena

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a happy and safe holidays.

Listen very you hear that? That my friends is the beautiful sound of silence. After 2 weeks of chirping from the media and fans about how close the game was last year, the 42 points given up against Fresno St and the outstanding UCLA special teams, we now have absolute silence....the kind of silence that can only be generated by complete and total domination.

What a way to end the regular season and to send out the seniors (and some juniors) in their last game in the Coliseum. It was an absolutely perfect celebration of everything that makes up USC Trojan football. The Rose Bowl is an awesome reward for the players, coaches, families and is going to be an unbelievable environment!

Congratulations to Reggie Bush on his Heisman Trophy...what a spectacular accomplishment.

Rose Bowl Tailgate
We are trying something different for the tailgate this week.....we have parked 2 RVs at the Rose Bowl. Our RVs are located in Brookside Park which is south of the stadium (across the street (south) from Lot H). We are just east of the northern most portion of Lot I and a little north of the baseball fields (see this link and hand drawn map attached). Our RVs are backed up against the fence so there may be a row or 2 of RVs in front of us.

Easiest way to find us is to go to the northern most driveway entrance of Lot I (on Arroyo Blvd just south of Seco). Walk east on that driveway/path. You will see some white tents and several parked RVs on your left on your left and will begin to see normal cars parked on grass on your right. The park begins to open up on your left (almost like a cul de sac)...our RVs are in the back portion of that section against the fence. We plan on having our normal set up of tents, chairs, etc.

We will be serving food and drink all day Wednesday. Hope to see you there.


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