Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Trojans Heading up to Autzen

Now that was a dominant offensive performance. 4 touchdowns in 8 plays, 28 points in less than 2 minutes of possession....those are video game numbers and the Hogs from Arkansas wish it was just a video game. I am not going to spend a lot of time reviewing the 70-17 victory over the Razorbacks, but here are some tidbits.

  • This is the first time USC has scored 70 points since 1970 at Washington St (I think)
  • 736 total yards for the Trojans is unbelievable, but how about 11yds/play, 9 yds/rush and 19 yds/pass...wow!
  • USC averaged over 11yds on first down
  • I was impressed with the interior run defense, particularly Ramsey and Ellis. USC shut down the Arkansas running attack through 3 quarters, allowing only 113 yards and less than 4yds/ carry
  • The injuries to Sartz and Terrell Thomas further deplete a thin defensive unit. Thomas is likely out for the year (have to feel for the kid after fighting back from shoulder surgery) and Sartz is probably out 3 weeks
  • Leinart has led 16 drives this year resulting in 13 touchdowns, 1 interception (should have been PI), 1 missed field goal (due to Dom Byrd's 15 yd penalty) and time expiring at the half....not bad!
  • Arkansas players told the media before the game that USC was "just an average SEC team"....I bet the Hogs are happy to be out of LA and playing Alabama this week
  • I think Arkansas is nowhere near as bad as the USC made them look....they have a solid run game and athletes on defense. I think they win 5 games this year and pull one upset in the SEC (Alabama or Auburn)

Brief Tailgate Review

Very solid effort for the first game of the year...nice turnout, including several Arkansas fans. Looking forward to the trip to Fayettville next year. Watching the Domers and Bruins was great. Thanks to everyone who brought supplies and helped out with cooking and clean-up. We will try and be a bit more organized with regard to food setup and cooking next time. We hope everyone had fun and look forward to seeing people at the next tailgate on Oct 8 vs Arizona (time TBD).

Moving on to the Ducks......

  • USC is 1-4 in their last 5 meeting with the Ducks, but did beat Oregon in Autzen in 2002
  • Hard to believe, but Oregon has never faced Leinart, Bush, White, Smith or Jarrett. This is not your 1998-2001 USC Trojans that the Ducks remember fondly
  • After watching the Fresno St./Oregon game on Tivo, I am very impressed with the Ducks' offense. I think they will move the ball well against the Trojan defense
  • Oregon QB Kellen Clemens runs well out of the spread offense....expect him to carry the ball at least 10 times against USC
  • Clemens also throws very well over the middle of the field with a quick release...somewhat similar to Hawaii
  • Demetrius Williams is the real deal at WR and can cause some problems for the Trojans
  • Basically, the Ducks are loaded at the skill positions on offense and run a real nice scheme. I am not very impressed with their O-line and think USC can pressure the QB in a traditional 5 step drop
  • Defensively, the Ducks look a bit weak...giving up over 500yds to Fresno St
  • I think USC should be able to move the ball well and score points against the Ducks
  • USC may even try to control the ball a bit more to keep Oregon's offense off the field...how is that for contrarian thinking?
  • Haloti Ngata is a monster a DT and has a tendency to blow up screen plays...the Trojans will double team him often and try to avoid him on screens
  • I really like the way the USC offense matches up with Oregon's defense, but I don't feel great about how the Trojan D matches up with the Ducks O
  • Autzen is a very tough place to play so lets hope the Trojans get out of the blocks quick and silence the crowd
  • Several members of the tailgate will be in attendance at Autzen

Let hope the Trojans can grind out another tough road win against a solid in-conference opponent.

Fight On!


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